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So why should you get behind RCT Welsh Lib Dems? Well we believe that Rhondda Cynon Taff deserves more at a local and national level. There is so much going on that is simply not fair.

It's not fair that our children do not all get a first rate education in schools fit for the purpose, or that nursery education was cut by half denying many a better start in life.

It's not fair that services such as special baby care, paediatrics trauma services are being cut from our local hospital and centralised elsewhere.

It's not fair that whilst neighbouring authorities such as Merthyr and Caerphilly are attracting new business and expanding their retail outlets our high streets are dying.

It's not fair that so many have to travel outside the area for work whilst others cannot because of a public transport system that does not meet their needs.

We could go on, but you get the drift. It is what drives us as a party - a desire to see more equality, to see a better standard of living for people in RCT, a fairer society for us all.

It is why RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats were at the frontline fighting the plans to cut nursery education, to create 3 - 16 schools in the Rhondda and Tonyrefail, to cut services at the Royal Glamorgan. All pushed through by the Labour party - the alleged party of the working class. Well not any more.

If you care about your community then there is only one party working for you - the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Join us now and let's fight for a better RCT together.





  • Article: Mar 29, 2017

    Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd has once again spoken out against her own party and their miserable record in Wales.

    As reported by Wales Online Mrs Clwyd has published her autobiography, in which she slams her own Labour party's record in government.

    "Given that my party has been in power at the Assembly, either outright or in coalition, since its inception, it pains me to observe that it has a poor track record. In health, education and other areas we are lagging behind the rest of Britain.

  • Article: Mar 16, 2017

    Nicola Knight will be the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for the Llantwit Fardre ward at the May council elections.

    A resident of Llantwit Fardre for 18 years, Nicola is mother to three young children, runs her own freelance business and is studying for a PhD.

    She is thrilled to have been chosen to stand for the Welsh Liberal Democrats and is determined to fight for a better deal for people in the area and across RCT.

  • Article: Mar 5, 2017

    It has emerged that RCT Council was the only one in Wales to respond to a request by the Ministry for Justice for suggested prison sites. When asked by Wales Online a "spokesperson" for RCT Council said

    ""The Ministry of Justice did write to all local authorities in the UK last year, requesting details of the sites both in public and private ownership, which met a specific list of criteria."

  • Article: Mar 4, 2017

    Karen Roberts will be the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for the Cwmclydach ward at the forthcoming Council elections in May.

    Born and bred in Park Street, Karen is a familiar name in the area and has a long history of community involvement in the ward. She chaired the Communities First partnership for ten years, helping make it one of the most successful in Wales, and from was one of the founders of the Cwmclydach Development Trust.

  • Article: Feb 19, 2017

    You may not have noticed, but there are a couple of Parliamentary by elections going on in England and the Labour party are jumping up and down trying to pretend they offer genuine opposition.

    The NHS has been a major campaign issue as usual, and once again the hypocrisy of these people is brought to the fore - as well as their seeming ignorance of devolution. Jeremy Corbyn tweeted this week

  • Article: Feb 12, 2017

    Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd has once again publicly blasted the NHS in Wales - this time over the waiting times for diagnostic teste.

    As reported by Wales Online, Mrs Clwyd said

    "The litmus test for any government is the way in which it responds to the needs of the sick and the vulnerable. On that basis, the Welsh Government clearly has to get to grips with the situation and do so as a matter of urgency."

  • Article: Feb 11, 2017

    Whilst the world, including the UK, was distracted by the nonsensical but dangerous ramblings of an American President not worthy of the position, the Tories were banging shut the doors on vulnerable children desperate for shelter.

    Teresa May and her heartless government are backtracking on a promise to take in 3000 unaccompanied child refuges whose homes and families have been torn apart by war. Instead they say 350 is all they can manage, and then the door will be closed and these most vulnerable human beings left to seek shelter elsewhere or fend for themselves.