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April 4, 2010 11:28 PM

"The biggest single disappointment of my career as an MP was that we never managed to instigate our vision of what Pontypridd should be. When our industries were smashed, we became a dependency culture. I'd like to see people rediscover that sense of pride in new industry, in creative industries and hi-tech industries."

Pontypridd Observer 2/03/2010

So just whose failure is it? Labour Government (and MP), Labour lead Assembly (and AM), Labour Council for the most part. Do they expect you to believe another Labour clone can make a difference after all these years?

The Labour party have lost all semblance of the Party they once were - the party of the people that fought for the rights of the working class. They have instead become nothing but Champagne Socialists - from Russell Roberts and his three jobs bringing in over £120K a year to Kim Howells taking £400 a month out of the taxpayers purse to cover his food bills,

All those people who have always voted Labour - stop and think. Is this what you thought you were voting for?

At Westminster they have presided over a recession which has left many jobless and even homeless. Whilst families suffered they allowed city bankers to walk away with huge profits at OUR expense. Our local MP played the system as well as any of them, wringing every penny he could in allowances whilst his colleagues in RCT put up prices for Meals on Wheels and Home Care.

Down at the Bay, working along with their little helpers Plaid, they have presided over crisis after crisis in the Health Service. Services suffer whilst management get kept on at inflated salaries. Our schools are in a disgusting state of repair, and money for further and higher education is cut meaning less training opportunities for young people giving them fewer options for the future. They have taken planning decisions out of local hands, inflicting misery on many areas of Pontypridd and doing nothing to help in its regeneration.

Meanwhile in RCT costs continue to rise, and services continue to disappear. Whilst swimming pools are closed, the Cabinet Members get ferried around in one of two chauffeur driven cars, new chairs are bought for the Council Chamber, and glass barriers erected to 'protect' Councillors from the public.

There is only one way to get change - YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR IT.

Only Mike and the Welsh Liberal Democrats can win in the Pontypridd constituency - a vote for anyone else lets Labour carry on taking you for granted