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Paddling pool misinformation only has one source

September 25, 2012 12:09 AM

The latest edition of the Council's Outlook magazine is out, with the entire first page devoted to the story of the Lido in Ynysangharad Park. I use the word 'story' deliberately because it is taking on fairytale proportions.

The author repeats the bit about the Heritage Lottery Fund's £2.3million for the umpteenth time, and stresses what a wonderful attraction the renovated lido will be. The only one of its kind left in Wales.

But the tale itself is a little confused.

The piece states "contrary to misinformation, the new Lido complex will include a replacement paddling pool, ensuring this facility is not only maintained in the park but also improved."


There is no misinformation doing the rounds other than that which is being spread by the Council and its Cabinet Members. We have been very careful to put out only the truth, things we can back up. The Labour Council on the other hand has been operating behind a smokescreen refusing information even to Councillors.

The people of Pontypridd don't want a REPLACEMENT paddling pool. They want the one they have. The replacement offered in the new scheme is a quarter of the size, and is enclosed in a complex that will hold far fewer people than can be accommodated on the grass surrounding the current paddling pool.

Families are not going to be able to sit around the new "attractive semi-circular paddling pool" all day with their picnics as they do now. People only have to look at the artist's impression to see that. And as we have said time and time again it will not be the completely free facility it is now. One child and an accompanying adult may be allowed in free. What about a couple with one child? Grandparents going along as part of a family day out? They won't all be allowed in for nothing.

As for misinformation the article itself is unclear. It reads "Cabinet members have agreed to allow children and an accompanying adult free access to the Grade II listed Lido complex." Then a few sentences later "Cabinet agreed that access to this part of the Lido (paddling pool) will be free for children under 12." So which is it? The whole Lido or the paddling pool?

The article concludes "our ambitious plans will create a regional tourist attraction that will attract significant visitors to Pontypridd." Don't they get it? The existing paddling pool does just that. It is why so many people want to see it stay just as and where it is. We don't want a second class replacement, we want Ponty Paddling Pool as it is - and it is not just RCT Welsh Lib Dems saying that as the Labour party are trying to say, but large numbers of residents in Pontypridd and beyond.

If there is misinformation around it is only coming from one source, and that is not us.

Karen Roberts

Campaign Manager RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats