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Opinion piece: UKIP – racism personified

March 4, 2014 7:00 PM

There is a quite frightening rise in the number of people in this area, and indeed others, who fall for the nonsense being peddled by UKIP.

Talk of patriotism and of putting Britain first is an easy sell to some, but it is nothing short of out and out racism. It appears that there is a very fine line indeed between the attitudes of UKIP and those of the BNP. Indeed they have even taken over a former slogan of theirs - 'Love Britain, Vote BNP' has become 'Love Britain, Vote UKIP.'

The claims of their leader Nigel Farage that some areas of Britain are being 'taken over' by migrants, while others have become 'frankly unrecognisable' are frightening in the levels of racial hatred they endeavour to stir up.

Mr Farage is of course a Member of The European Parliament. His party is anti Europe and wants to withdraw from the Union, but in the meantime him and his colleagues quite happily lap up the salary and the expenses.

Nobody would deny that there needs to be a realistic immigration system but the nonsensical scare stories about us being swamped with "foreigners" are dangerous and harmful.

We have always welcomes immigrants into Wales and into the Valleys. It is what has made us the society we are. We should not let self-interested racists turn us into a community that is inward looking and unwelcoming. Yes we should be proud of our own culture and heritage, and protect those, but that culture and heritage has come about as a result of embracing that of others.

UKIP are a damaging force and they should not be allowed to get a foothold in our communities.

Karen Roberts