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RCT Cabinet Member’s son in line for 15% pay increase?

July 22, 2014 9:06 PM

As reported by the Echo today, the son of a Cabinet Member who hit the headlines in 2008 when he was given a senior post in the Council without an interview or without the job ever being advertised is about to get another promotion.

In a confidential report which is apparently to be put before RCT Council on Wednesday Christian Hanagan, who is currently the Head of Strategy and Public Relations is recommended to receive a 15% pay increase. The report states that extra responsibilities have been added to his department and that as a result his job is to be regarded and given a new title.

Whilst union members across the public service are striking because of the offer of a meagre 1% increase Mr Hanagan, son of Cabinet Member for Education Eudine, stands to get a pay rise of around £160 a week if this is agreed.

RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager Karen Roberts said

"This information is part of a report to be put to Councillors on the 23rd July and which has been brought to my attention by Labour party sources who are not at all happy about the situation given the financial constraints the Council finds itself in.

"His current job was created especially for Mr Hanagan who is a former Labour Council candidate. It was not advertised and he was simply promoted with no interview and with the Council reluctant to answer any questions as to the recruitment process.

"His department is a substantial one, with a staff bill of over £1m. It is one area where we have consistently said cuts should be made as nothing they do has a direct effect on front line services.

"It appears that his friends in the Labour party are attempting to build a nice empire for Mr Hanagan. Front line staff who are going to receive a mere 1% pay increase this year have every right to be furious over this, as are residents who see services being savagely cut."

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell will not be present at the Council meeting but says he would certainly not be supporting any such proposal.

"We have said over and over that in our opinion much of this department could be scrapped and it would not affect front line services one bit. This Council spends far too much on advertising and self-promotion, spending taxpayers/ money on Labour propaganda.

"There is no justification for making it any larger or increasing the salary of the person in charge.

"I have spoken to a number of Labour Councillors who are not at all happy with some of the decisions being made by the Cabinet. It appears some of them do have a conscience and with any luck that will manifest itself at the meeting or even prior to the meeting and this idea will be laid to rest."

Ms Roberts added:

"Being part of the Labour group at the moment must be like being on the Titanic, although in this case the iceberg is actively seeking them out. Hopefully some of those who are currently seeking to undermine the administration behind the scenes will have the bottle to speak out publicly. Either that or do the decent thing and resign from the party."