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UK needs more positive response to refugee crisis

September 3, 2015 5:18 PM

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Tom Brake have called for an urgent debate in the House of Commons on the government's handling of the refugee crisis and the UK's response to it, which we believe is totally inadequate.

We have seen in recent weeks constant media images of people risking their lives in desperate attempts to escape the misery that is their everyday life in their own country. They are not "migrants" they are not coming here to steal our jobs, or because of our great benefit system. They won't cause our NHS to collapse as one heartless Welsh Tory MP has said. They just want to live and the heartbreaking image of the little boy drowned and washed up on a Turkish beach must surely have stirred even the hardest of hearts, or at least you would think so.

One UKIP Parliamentary candidate has tweeted that the boy "was well fed and well clothed" adding "he died because his parents were greedy for a better life in Europe."

How can anyone with any ounce of humanity say such a thing?

As ever the reaction from the public has been two fold. There are those who are fired up by the blatant lies and misinformation given out by such people and by certain parts of the media. They complain that these "migrants" are just coming over here to steal our jobs, take up all our school places and overload the NHS. That'll be the NHS that depends upon migrants to keep its hospitals staffed the, the NHS that would currently be in a much worse state were it not for doctors and nurses from outside of the UK.

The people holed up in Calais are not migrants - they are refugees. They just want somewhere safe for their families to live.

Fortunately the ignorant, racist attitude displayed by some is not that of all and it is heartening to see that there are so many people willing to help.

Pressure needs to be put upon the UK Government to allow more refugees in to the UK - the Welsh Government have already indicated they would be prepared to take their fair share.

Mr Cameron and his Conservative Government need to be persuaded to change their stance and allow more refugees into the UK. We cannot simply wring our hands and say the problems are in their own countries and should be dealt with there. Yes it is true that a solution needs to be found there, but people are dying now.

You can help show the strength of feelings amongst right thinking individuals by signing up to this petition to the UK Government and encouraging others to do so.

You can contribute financially to the numerous aid organisations involved or donate much needed items to be sent over to Calais. Details of the items needed can be found here.