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To leave or not to leave - that is the question

June 9, 2016 9:30 AM

It is just two weeks now until Britain goes to the polls to vote in the most important ballot most of us will play a part in. The decision whether or not to remain in the EU is not one to be taken lightly and is one which should be taken for the right reasons.

The Liberal Democrats have always been known as a pro European party and whilst not every member feels the same, the overwhelming opinion is that we should remain. Our economy, the environment, cross border security - these are just a few of the things which we believe will be adversely affected should we leave.

There are valid arguments to be found on both sides , although we believe the weight of evidence is firmly on the side of remaining a part of the Union. Both sides have to varying degrees been guilty of over egging the pudding and exaggerating the benefits / downside of staying in.

What is frightening, however, is the number of people, as can be seen across social media, who are not interested in the real issues but are instead intending to vote leave for all the wrong reasons. For example those who are doing it to teach Cameron a lesson. He is in favour of remaining and is treading a very fine line with his party many of whom think otherwise. The very fact that a Tory Prime Minister is in favour of something is enough to make some people vote the opposite way.

Then there is the growing proportion of people who are making this ballot all about immigration. Talk of "taking Britain back" and "making Britain great again." Nonsense about stopping immigration and the influx of people who, in their eyes, are inexplicably coming over here claiming benefits and stealing our jobs.

They conveniently forget that Britain has a long history of immigration and that this has added to our rich culture and heritage. They forget that the NHS relies heavily on immigrant workers to provide a service. Presumably they want to turn away refugees at our borders and take no responsibility for anyone or anything outside of our borders.

It is a terrifying prospect that there are so many people who think that way. Don't let them drag us out of the EU for all the wrong reasons.